Friday, January 16, 2009

It is your wedding day- It is your dream

I meet with a lot of brides and grooms, and often times they bring a parent with them. Often times if a third party is present the third party is paying for the wedding, in my experiences. I welcome couples to bring someone with them so that all of the questions are asked, and their is a second opinion, also to relieve pressure and keep the couple from making the first decision and booking my services if I am not right for them. I recommend that you take someone with you to listen on any large decision that you and your soon to be partner any time you make a large and important decision. It is a good practice to get into as directly a sales person can fleece you , but with someone outside of the picture who does not have anything to gain or lose, will listen to the message which is coming through the words.

With this being said, I do recommend that while couples bring someone with them to hire vendors and make choices about service providers, I do recommend that the couple keep their own picture of what the wedding will be and stick to this. Your wedding is your day, and you are going to be the two people who remember your wedding the most. While you may have to make some concessions, they should be minor. If you want to go skydiving the right before, during or after you say your vows, I think that you have your reason for it and should do it. I may not follow you out of the plane, but I will either marry you in the plane or on the ground. I had a couple want to get married at sunrise on the beach in Santa Monica, because the always took walks on the beach at day break, obviously a lot of people did not attend, but it was special to the bride and groom, we even walked through the ceremony. Everyone will remember parts of your wedding, but no one will have as many memories as you, and that is why your memories are the ones that the photographer, minister, caterer and location coordinator are working towards.

Have a great weekend.
Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint. Proverbs 23.4

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