Saturday, December 20, 2008

My first wedding performed.

At first everyone will probably dismiss me, saying I just started, let me assure you that this happened quite a few years ago, on a warm So. Cal. July evening.

The bride had called me about a week and a half prior to the date, and we asked each other a few questions, she wanted just a small ceremony in her apartment with a few friends there to witness. She asked on the second call if I was bilingual, and I let her know that I was not, but she still hired me. They choose a shorter ceremony about 10 minutes in length, and added some personal touches to the ceremony. I was expecting the ceremony to be very traditional from the chosen ceremony and the fact that the grooms father would be there and only spoke spanish. While I new the party would be small, I expected traditional wedding colors.

I showed up to find the groom was wearing slacks, a black shirt and a red crushed velvet jacket, while the bride was wearing a black and platinum dress. This was not going to be what I expected. The father was in attendance, in the back row of the living room, chairs had been brought in for 20 and 15 showed, but they still left the empty chairs in the living room. The bride, groom and myself step out to conduct the wedding, by gothic candle light, and a floor lamp, when I let the groom kiss his bride, he pumps his fists twice before sealing his love with a kiss. Everyone tells me that I did a great job, one attendant asked is I also do Divorces.

Whether I was in shock about officiating a Gothic wedding without any prior knowledge, or just amazed that my first wedding was over, I walked from my position in the living room straight out the front door and had to return after 5 steps to get my briefcase. If this were not my first wedding, I would not have been shocked and it might not be very memorable to me, I have done a few gothic weddings since, and now can maintain my composure through them, but the memories of this wedding always come back.

There probably was more to tell, but this is all that I can recall.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Rev. Nick Metz

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